Jump ahead five years

28 09 2010

Just a quick share today. I’ve always been a big fan of getting my subjects in the air, whether it’s jumping on a bed, a trampoline, jumping off something, anything that gets them airborne. In the case of these girls, who I first photographed five years ago, no launch assistance is required.

So here they are, then….

bad scan, good jump

…and now.






7 responses

28 09 2010

how fun to see them years later. like them both, particularly the first one. the light is amazing. i should say how you captured it!

28 09 2010

It’s almost like a before-and-after. 🙂 They are naturals in front of the camera.

30 09 2010

Love these Cheryl 🙂

7 10 2010
Lou Janelle

They really seem to be enjoying themselves! Great portraits.

12 10 2010

Cheryl–just discovered your blog somehow (had bookmarked it not sure when and just re-found). I do photography mostly for personal fun. Just want to say I love your style — both photo and writing. Will be checking back. Best wishes.

13 04 2011

I really liked your feature about the two girls – I love getting subjects to jump too. I did a black tie event recently and I had them jumping in their tuxedos and ball gowns – hilarious but great fun and good pics as a result. Loved your bit about composition…

6 12 2011
chilliwack photographer

This is so awesome!

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