Well, it has been some time, hasn’t it?

15 10 2013

I’ve been away…three-and-a-half years? Absent from here and, for the most part from portraiture, but growing and evolving and learning a whole lot about life and people and art. And teaching. Lots of teaching, in the virtual world, but also a few workshops in the states, a few in the UK, and a great little trip to Iceland. (Have you ever been to Iceland? Drop everything and go.)

I have MUCH to catch you all up on. But first, I’ll let you know that for those who have been waiting for a film workshop, or considering dabbling in film, or looking to gain a deeper appreciation of film, or curious about trying out that vintage camera on your shelf, or wondering if maybe developing film might even be something you want to try…?

Well, I’ve just finished up a major project for an online photography website. The project is called Fall In Love With Film, and it includes just about everything you need to know to be creative and successful with your film adventures. It includes a 57-page PDF, my own personal film development chart, seven videos showing how to load film, and film development, and two high-res prints of mine for you to enjoy. It is a whole lot of information for a silly tiny price. Because I adore my film cameras, and I want everyone to have a chance to jump in and test the waters.

Here’s where to find it: http://www.clickinmoms.com/cmu/archives/5494

Will I stay on this blog? Stay tuned…

– CJ





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