Dog Days

23 08 2010

Since I’ve got a brand new puppy, and since the dog days of summer are still having their way with us here in Denver, I thought I’d share some of my favorite people-and-their-pet images. I really enjoy including Rover and Kitty in family shoots. Our lives wouldn’t be complete without them, and neither is a portrait session.

I could post this stuff all day long, but I’ll try to limit myself.


– CJ

tully and girls

Tully, my newest canine child


Apollo, may he rest in peace

One eye each

One eye each


Betty the boo-dog


Piper, my oldest dog, seven years ago

Gus and SA

Gus and his girl

Gus in mist



8 responses

23 08 2010

I’m personally not a pet person, but I love these photos, especially the first and third. Thanks CJ.

23 08 2010

These are all so fine, but the last is classic.

23 08 2010

I thought it was so interesting that your newest pup is Tully… since my parents’ new puppy is also Tully (he was on my blog back in February). 🙂 Love this post.

23 08 2010

Breanne, that’s awesome. How did your parents’ Tully get its name? Mine is after Tullamore whiskey; she’s that exact color.

25 08 2010

Fantastic, as usual! I am a pet lover and these are just great.

25 08 2010

this is not your ordinary pet portrait! love them – “one eye each” and the last one especially.

26 05 2011

oh just love ‘m.. and that doggie on bed surrounded by the kids it’s beautiful. Thx for sharing these..

12 10 2012

Dog art just love it. 😉

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