Then and Now

30 06 2010

First, a little note to those of you in the Denver area. I’ve somehow ended up with a weekend of no kids, no shows, and no shoots. Can’t have that! Therefore, I’m offering a $100 session and complimentary 8×10 print (regularly $500) for this coming Saturday and Sunday afternoon. Only two sessions are available (one each day) and they are first come first served. Drop me a line ASAP if you are interested.


I love watching my clients grow over the years. It’s fun to look back at some of their older portraits and see how much they’ve changed. Here are a few recent “then and now” shots that I’ve enjoyed looking through.

wild family

Very active family portrait, 2008

Still wild

Still fun, and more of them, 2010





More to follow this afternoon….




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30 06 2010
johnwaire | photo

your images have such a classic feel! love all of them.

30 06 2010

If only I lived in Denver. Love your work. Love the way you see and celebrate the action!

30 06 2010

So amazing. Also much jealousy for whomever snags the open slot.

1 07 2010
Mansur Amir

Just love these photos, in fact all of your photos here. I’m been a fan for like, forever 🙂 BTW, may I know which film & developer you use for these, they have a richness in the blacks and smooth tonal gradation.

7 07 2010
stuart williams

I have to call you out on lowballing! I’m referring to the $100 sessions your offering in Denver. Shame on you. Not good for the profession.

7 07 2010


My initial knee-jerk reaction to your “shame on you” post was, I’ll admit, “You’re not the boss of me.” Gave me a good giggle. Was not aware adults used that phrase on their peers in this day and age.

While I appreciate your fervor, let me tell you why I feel it’s quite misdirected. When United Airlines runs a last-minute special on travel in the next 48 hours, they are not low-balling other airlines out of business; they are usually creating new business by allowing people to buy on impulse, to go on a trip they hadn’t been planning to go on. When expensive clothing designers have sample sales, they are not low-balling other clothing companies, they are expanding their business to those who generally do not buy at full price, giving them an opportunity to expand their client base.

When I, a photographer whose clients spend an average of $2500 – $5000 per portrait session, offer a very last minute special to fill some free time, with a maximum of two sessions available, it does not hurt the industry. It gives me the opportunity to convert potential clients into repeat clients and referrers.

You’d be much more on target to address comments like yours to quality photographers whose regular prices consistently and significantly undercut the average price of comparable photographers in their area. I hate to break it to you, but there are a heck of a lot of photographers in Denver offering sessions at $100 or less. Do they undercut me? Not at all, because their quality and style are completely different. It bothers me little to none because I’m secure with the work I offer.

Thanks again for the “shame on you” chuckle, and I wish you the best of luck in your endeavors.

– CJ

9 07 2010

Nobody says it better than you. Great perspective.

18 07 2010

I love this group of pictures, Cheryl. Can’t wait to see some from, say… 2011 or 2012?? Thanks for posting them together, great stuff.

18 07 2010

Well Said!!!

28 07 2010
Ed Hamlin

Hey Cheryl,
It’s been a while, which is good. What a great response to stuart by the way. It is amazing how people can miss the real message. Love the photos of the family and just wanted to say hi to you.

31 07 2010
larry king

“Person 1: “Did you smell that guy today? I think he soiled himself!””

1 08 2010

Booked today in Denver?

9 08 2010

I’ve just recently found your websites and adore your work… I think you are a fantastic role model for photographers and other artists.

2 04 2011
Ruben Rubert

Great Great Shot. Really wish i could able to do this

4 08 2013

Hi! I’ve been following your blog for a long time now and finally got the bravery to go ahead and give you a shout out from Huffman Texas! Just wanted to tell you keep up the great work!

25 10 2013

Very Nice Work. Love to look at pieces like these one.
I’m a super fan of pictures with people in it recording great moments in time.

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