Always clean your boots.

20 05 2010

Always clean the mud off your boots after an outdoor session. If you don’t, you’ll end up with smeared mascara. This is why.

If you don’t clean your boots, you’ll end up wearing your really cool 5-inch black leather boots instead. Since they look great with a black mock turtleneck and it looks like it’s going to be cold outside today, that’s what you’ll be walking in when your classic car with the broken fuel gauge runs out of gas. Since you’re very careful in calculating your miles, you’ll not have noticed that your boys took the spare gallon of gas out of your trunk to use in the lawnmower. So when you walk those six blocks to the only nearby gas station, you’ll be extra pleased to find that they’re all out of gas cans.

Fortunately the kind gas station attendant has a non-approved container to put the gas in, so you’ll get to walk the six blocks back with lot of well-meaning folk warning you that non-approved containers of gas are dangerous (although for all they know, you could be on your way to sell clean urine for drug tests to the locals, since it’s a nice neighborhood.) It’s OK, because the warnings are drowned out by the cat calls brought on by your ridiculous boots and your sweat-soaked mock turtleneck. When you get to your car and put the gas in, you’ll realize that you lost your keys somewhere along the way. When you do finally get the spare keys, you’ll discover that your car still doesn’t want to start.

At that point, you’ll run through your entire repertoire of expletives while beating on the steering wheel, eventually drawing enough frightened looks from passers-by that you’ll break down into hysterical laughter, running your mascara. You won’t noticed the smeared mascara until the bartender points it out as you pound a double vodka soda some time later.

So, always clean the mud off your boots after a session.

– CJ

grandparents in car

I'm betting my grandfather had a spare gallon of gas in the trunk.




8 responses

20 05 2010

or.. fix the classic’s fuel gauge? 😉

I only say this because I have a “classic-to-me” on jacks right now.

20 05 2010

Yes, it’s on the list. Right behind a million other things. Bah

20 05 2010

What this tells me is that you are SO MUCH COOLER than I am.

1. You have 5″ black leather boots.
2. You have a vintage auto.
3. You wear mascara.
4. Double. Vodka. Soda.

20 05 2010


21 05 2010

LOL! That’s some kind of funny story … after the fact!

28 05 2010

Great advice! LOL!

1 06 2010
Stephen S. Mack

Cheryl, have you read The Sick Note, purportedly written by a brick-layer explaining why he is absent from work? It closely resembles your trials!



2 04 2011
Ruben Rubert

That is a excellent advice

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