Oh, hell.

20 04 2010

After a few weeks of stress, change, and upheaval, allow me a moment of levity. We creative sorts can sometimes use a bit of silliness.

Complete this sentence in whatever way you see fit: I’d rather stick a fork in my eye than….

OK, go.




21 responses

21 04 2010
Raji Barbir

…own a Mac

21 04 2010
Dan Prem

than an eye on my fork….

Silly, I know. Juts posted to let you know that your posts are much appreciated and avidly read

21 04 2010
stephen t.

I’d rather stick a fork in my Idaho potato than
touch you with a ten foot polish sausage.

Is this too much creative license with the topic? I had to throw in some comfort food to make it a little less harsh. šŸ™‚

21 04 2010
stephen t.

ps. sorry, that comment was not directed at anyone in particular (though I can’t think of anyone off hand that I would like to touch with a ten foot polish sausage), just trying to contribute. šŸ™‚

21 04 2010

… do selective coloring in Photoshop
… go to rap/hip-hop concert
… do editing on another photographer’s photo without a release note to do so :)))

21 04 2010

i’d rather stick a fork in my eye than…go back to the crap, monotonous, stifling, colorless, chauvinistic, dead-end, uncreative, “how would you like your coffee?” corporate jobs I had before. šŸ™‚ I don’t care how poor I am now! Ha!

21 04 2010
Monte Stevens

… pickup that first drink. Strange how those words came to mind this morning. I hope all has gone well with the changes for your family. And, hope you get a chance to post more on this blog as time allows.

21 04 2010
David E.

…than see another over-vingnetted, over-saturated image of a baby in a basket with a colorful hat.

21 04 2010

…go shopping at the mall.

21 04 2010

…than speak in front of a group.

21 04 2010

Ha. Thanks for the smiles, everyone. Heaver things to come, or at least meatier. Can’t be serious all the time, can we?

– CJ

21 04 2010
Kevin Halliburton

… than try to change someone’s strongly held opinion in a forum discussion – or even worse, publicly admit that they might be right and I might be wrong .

21 04 2010
stephen t.

Glad to to hear people contributing to this “fork in” thread.

This shows that people that are willing to take a poke at themselves can sometimes see things a different way. They may have to patch things up, they may not be able to see both sides, but they may not be completely blind to the truth.

yes , sometimes everything has two meanings šŸ™‚ Kind of like life!
thanks cheryl for your inspiration to us all.

21 04 2010
stephen t.

edit for previous post:

that should read “they may not be able to see from both sides” instead of “they may not be able to see both sides”

small detail but, hey, I’m a perfectionist šŸ™‚ If I could edit my posts I would probably end up deleting them because I say “Why did I post THAT?”

21 04 2010

… than write an artist’s statement, or one of those descriptions-of-the-photography-project-I’m-planning that “real artists” do.

21 04 2010

Christian, you took the words right off of my keyboard. I despise writing artist statements…what a bunch of crap 98% of the time. Pfffffffffft.

22 04 2010

… than try and figure out all this business stuff related to photography! (Though I desperately need to do it).

27 04 2010

….. spend any more time using uo my precious brain cells wondering where my life is going…it’s just going ! šŸ™‚

28 04 2010
Ed Hamlin

Actually I’d like to stick a fork in the corporate management job. Work days that are unfullfilling, not seeing the sunset. So stick a fork in it cuz its done!

19 05 2010
paige elizabeth

… than have to keep living my life with everything I love split on two different continents.

Funny what comes up when you just let your mind answer it…

8 06 2012
Greg S

…than stick a rusty fork in my eye.

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