28 09 2009
National Velveteen

National Velveteen

There is no such thing as “bad light”. There is only light used badly. Sometimes you gotta use what you have — in this case, it was overhead florescent lights in an arena, with a tiny little bit of fill from a distant doorway. Many times photographers assume that it’s not possible to achieve good lighting when the light source is directly overhead; not true, Petunia. You simply have to have your subjects look up toward the light, or in the case of a candid like this one, wait for the subject to do so on their own, and be ready.

This one has a sort of National Velvet-y feel to it that really appeals to me. Fortunately, these horses have gotten used to the massive ka-chunk of my medium format shutter. I prefer to first do no harm. People look better on horses than in a crumpled heap under them.




9 responses

28 09 2009

Love this Cheryl.

30 09 2009
Jennifer Sparaco

A lovely capture. You are an inspiration!

20 10 2009
John Ellis

I like the humour of the text – the photo is pretty good too! I need to take a couple more steps towards your philosophy on available light to achieve something on a par with this.

20 10 2009

Beautiful image. I like the low angle of view. Well done.

21 10 2009

Gorgeous shot. And I love what you say about light used badly and no bad light. I love to shoot on overcast days and a lot of photographer friends tell me I’m wrong, I choose all the wrong lighting!

21 10 2009

Thanks for this reminder, C. I am getting quite brave photographing in all sorts of natural light, but overhead lights usually scare the hell outta me. thanks for the tip :))

22 10 2009

Your work is amazing. I will put you in my rss reader 🙂

24 10 2009

You have wonderful photographs. He is adding your blog to favourite 🙂

29 10 2009

Really beautiful! I will remember the tip

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