The unexpected beauty of chicken coops

6 07 2009

Actually it was a turkey-and-quail coop. Whatever. It was still filled with flying, pooping critters, so it doesn’t make much difference.

The funny thing about great light is that you always find it in the strangest places. Bathrooms, greenhouses, the laundry room, any room you wouldn’t normally plan to shoot in. In this case, we were shooting at mid-day in ridiculous Arkansas heat, and I was in real need of some sort of awe-inspiring light — anywhere. So, into the coop we went.

Some would argue that use flash of some sort would give me more options. While that may be true, I actually like being forced to come up with some way of making the weird locations work. It challenges me to be creative (and sometimes funny.) More importantly, it requires me to be able to pull something out of my subjects that fits the mood of the environment. That’s not always easy, but as the saying goes, if it was easy, everyone would do it.

Happy light-chasing.





4 responses

6 07 2009
Gina P.

i sometimes sacrifice light for the look of a space vs. the reverse of that….thanks for making me think to look a bit harder to ‘find the light’. i love your work.

8 07 2009

Beautiful and inspiring, as always.

30 09 2009
Jennifer Sparaco

wow…who would have thought…I guess that is the point right?

20 10 2009
Tom Baker

Beautiful image. Great work.

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